Verizon Thinkfinity Steps Up Its Value with Compelling New Innovations

Verizon Thinkfinity Steps Up Its Value with Compelling New Innovations

Every day, educators, administrators, parents and students visit and use the thousands of free lesson plans, interactives, videos, games and more - all provided by the country's top education and literacy organizations.

So how do you take a good thing and make it better? Verizon listened to its users, studied the Internet and social networking trends, and leveraged its expertise in broadband technology to develop these improvements:

  • The first change visitors will notice is the new design. Visitors will immediately find news on the hottest education topics and links to the newest resources in an easy-to-use attractive format.
  • Smarter Navigation will make it easier for users to zero in on exactly what they need. They can search by subject, grade level, topic, key words and state standards.
  • The introduction of Web 2.0 technology, will add a whole new dimension - enabling educators and parents to exchange ideas, join groups and save and share their favorite resources via the new Thinkfinity Community.
  • Innovative new Games for Learning provides a host of engaging activities and interactives to engage today's students.
  • More opportunities than ever to access Thinkfinity's extensive Professional Development Program.

Why make changes to an already successful program? Educators and parents are challenged by a lack of time that makes ease of use and efficiency of paramount importance. They need to develop innovative solutions to specific problems and apply appropriate resources effectively. And they want to broaden their access to the people resources they need, beyond their local school communities.

"This next generation of Thinkfinity is designed to make a greater impact on teacher effectiveness and student achievement. The site is more engaging and interactive, with expanded resources that America's students need to succeed, from STEM lessons and interdisciplinary studies, to culturally-sensitive learning tools and 21st century skills."

"There's a lot that's new on Thinkfinity. We believe these changes will be useful, exciting and fun for our Thinkfinity network and have a positive impact on education," said Verizon Foundation President Patrick Gaston.

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