Verizon Foundation Sponsors Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Technology and Engineering

In conjunction with Women's History Month in March, the Verizon Foundation is sponsoring an online event aimed at encouraging young girls to get involved in engineering and technology.

The National Engineers Week Foundation's "Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering and Technology" brings together exciting presentations by speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including bioengineering, IT, wireless communications, chemistry, biomedicine, mathematics and space science.

Verizon wireline operation's Judy Spitz, senior vice president and chief information officer, and Susan Anderheggen, IT vice president, will join American astronaut Sally Ride and other prestigious speakers during the 24-hour marathon. Spitz will speak about the leadership skills women bring to technical careers.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Verizon is sponsoring and participating in the marathon. "We believe this is a great chance for young women to discover the tremendous opportunities open to them in engineering and technology careers and connect with successful role models," said Patrick Gaston, Verizon Foundation president.

The theme this year is "Launching Tomorrow." The combination of live and taped events and virtual programming is accessible to anyone around the globe.

Speakers from a variety of backgrounds will discuss careers, international opportunities, research, global challenges, education, leadership and other topics. Young girls will hear directly from women across the world about inspiring educational and career opportunities open to them in engineering and technology.

In addition to its sponsorship, Verizon is supporting the global marathon through network support for conference bridges and net meetings, as well as providing taped programming.

For a complete schedule and information about how to access the presentations, go to

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