Verizon CIO Leads Panel to Help Teachers Meet the Global Education Challenge

Verizon CIO Leads Panel to Help Teachers Meet the Global Education Challenge


On Friday, April 24, Verizon Business CIO Dr. Judy Spitz joined leaders from education to discuss what innovative corporations like Verizon are looking for in potential employees, and how teachers can better prepare students for success beyond the classroom.

The panel discussion, titled "What Counts for Economic Competitiveness," focused on integrating more team building and leadership development activities into the classroom.

"Students need to experience different roles within a team to inspire confidence and allow their individual talents to emerge" said Dr. Judy Spitz, CIO of Verizon Business. "That model allows them to develop creativity and problem solving skills, which are critical for success in a modern work environment."

The panel, which was moderated by Sean Cavanagh, math and science writer for Education Week, and featured Dr. Shirley Malcom, head of the directorate for education and human resources programs at the American Association for the Advancement of Science; Joe Peri, executive vice president and chief operations officer for the Council on Economic Education; and Jim Rubillo, executive director of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, also discussed:

  •     Transforming classrooms into creative and innovative learning environments
  •     Initiating meaningful partnerships between teachers of different subjects to provide a richer learning experience

The panel discussion was part of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' 2009 annual meeting and exposition, held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Approximately 200 teachers attended the session, which was sponsored by the Verizon Foundation's Each of the panelists are contributors to, the Verizon Foundation's signature initiative for education and literacy, designed to enhance teacher effectiveness and improve student achievement.

In addition to the panel, Verizon's and NCTM launched Calculation Nation, the newest and coolest addition to the Illuminations site on Calculation NationTM uses the power of the Web to let students challenge opponents anywhere in the world to math games and contests. Students use their virtual passport to track their opponents' locations.

"The games on Calculation NationTM provide an entertaining environment where students can explore rich mathematics lessons and develop their skills," said Jim Rubillo, executive director of NCTM. "Through these games, students are exposed to the same mathematical topics that they see in class."

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