Sportscaster James Brown Teams With Verizon Foundation, Launches Campaign to End Domestic Violence

Sportscaster James Brown Teams With Verizon Foundation, Launches Campaign to End Domestic Violence

Campaign Promotes Respect and Equality; Educates Men on How to Help Victims of Abuse

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. -- Sportscaster James Brown, the host of CBS Network’s “The NFL Today” and Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” has teamed with Verizon to launch a national campaign to end domestic violence against women and men.

Earlier today Brown appeared on several media outlets to enlist the support of sports fans to: Promote equality and respect and speak out against domestic violence.

“Domestic violence is an epidemic in all of our communities,” Brown said. “That deepened my personal commitment and desire to help end domestic violence. It’s my hope that millions of men join me in this campaign.”

Through this campaign, Brown is promoting respect and equality – respect for yourself and in your relationships, and he’s asking men to be informed and be appropriately proactive when they witness disrespectful or abusive behavior.

“I’m here to encourage men and help them understand that they can have a very meaningful impact, much more easily than they think,” Brown said. “Don’t laugh at that inappropriate joke. Second, don’t condone domestic violence with your silence. If you know someone who is abusive – physically, verbally, emotionally or financially – just like the coach of a team, you as men can play a positive role and be helpful in changing their behavior. This campaign will build awareness around the issues of domestic violence prevention and the resources available for those experiencing domestic violence and those who perpetrate it.”

Rose Stuckey Kirk, president of the Verizon Foundation, said: “Domestic violence knows no boundaries. It affects men and women, every race, every culture, and all socioeconomic levels.

That’s why a very important part of this campaign is educating men and women on how to help someone in need. That means referring people in need – men and women who are experiencing domestic violence – to resources that can help them live a violence-free life. Verizon welcomes this partnership with James Brown, whose leadership and commitment have helped elevate domestic violence prevention in our national dialogue.”

Ted Bunch, co-founder of A CALL TO MEN, a leading national men's organization working to galvanize a movement of men committed to ending violence and discrimination against women and girls, said, “Violence against women is rooted in the underlying belief that women are less valuable than and the property of men.”

Brown added: “I want dads, coaches, teachers and other men of influence who engage young men to actively reinforce the value of women and girls. This is a major step in the process of eliminating the problem.”

Verizon Foundation championed this campaign as part of its effort to address the impact of domestic violence on individual health, family wellness and the community. To review the recent research by the World Health Organization which details the prevalence of domestic violence and validates strategies to reduce it from a “gender perspective” click here.

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