Calling Young App-tivists: Announcing Verizon's Second Annual Innovative App Challenge

Calling Young App-tivists: Announcing Verizon's Second Annual Innovative App Challenge

The contest aims to ignite interest in technology careers among students in grades six through 12. Top teams can win $20,000.

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson in the late 1800’s

That was then. Today, if you build a better app,  the world will tap and scroll to your IP address with their mobile smartphone and tablet devices.

Kids today are down with that — and they’re ready for the Verizon Foundation’s second Innovative App Challenge.

Our national mobile-app design competition launched yesterday and runs through Dec. 17. It aims to engage middle and high school aged students with talents and interests in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and empower them to create apps that connect STEM subjects to solve real-world problems in their communities or schools. 

How  the App Challenge Works

  • Open to teams of up to 5 students in grades six through 12, plus a faculty advisor

  • Teams participating can win up to $20,000 for their school and the latest Samsung Galaxy Tabs

  • Opportunity to team up with app-development experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology to fully develop their app concepts and share them on the Google Play store.

  • Special recognition awarded for apps that address challenges in education, healthcare, and energy management — the foundation’s main focus areas.

“We created the Innovative App Challenge to give students a chance to engage in STEM and experience real hands-on learning with technology,” said said Justina Nixon Saintil, who heads the education and technology programs for the Verizon Foundation. “After seeing the amazing and inspirational results from our inaugural competition, we're excited to see the app concepts that this new group of students will create this year.”

What You Can Do

  • Talk to middle or high school teachers, principals, administrators or faculty advisors interested in putting a team of students together for the App Challenge competition.
  • Learn more about the App Challenge and download the App Challenge Flyer and share it with a school.

  • Share information about the App Challenge with middle or high school students you know might be interested.

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