Team Fundraising Program Rules

(formerly known as Team Fundraising – TIP)

Rules for Participation

• A team consists of  ten or more active full or part-time employees who each raise funds and participate in an organized "pledge-a-thon" fundraising event (walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, read-a-thon, etc.) held by an eligible nonprofit organization or educational institution (retirees are not eligible)
• Team members must sign-up/join the team via the VZ Foundation website prior to the event taking place
• Each team member is responsible for their own fundraising and must submit an itemized donation sheet to the nonprofit event coordinator within 2 weeks after the event has taken place. Only those funds personally raised and submitted by the employee are eligible for a match from the VZ Foundation.
• Teams cannot not rely on the pledge-raising efforts of one member. One member cannot raise all of team's pledges and then disburse it to other team members in order to receive matching funds. Each team member must collect/raise their own pledges/funds.
• Employees can only request funds for donations they personally raised in conjunction with the Team event.
• Each team member must be an active full-time or part-time employee when they register for the team, when the team event takes place, and when they submit their itemized donation sheet(s) to the nonprofit
• In order for an event to qualify for the Team Fundraising Program, the primary purpose for the event must be to raise donations pledged on behalf of event participants for the nonprofit organization prior to the event taking place and for team members to participate in the event.
• The event must be open to the public with more than just the VZ  team participating
•Team fundraising will not be considered for a Verizon grant if the only participants in the event are Verizon employees, Verizon employee family members and/or those with whom a team members shares a close personal relationship.
• The VZ Team must engage in the event in the same way as other teams (the event cannot be modified  for VZ employees for the purpose of utilizing the team program)
• Pay-to-play events do not qualify for the Team Program. 
• Telethon/Radio-thon events are not eligible for the Team Program
• Fundraising efforts are eligible for 1:1 match, up to $1K per team member per year for a total of $10K per team 
• Multiple teams may not be created/matched for the exact same event
• The benefitting nonprofit must confirm each employee’s pledges online with the Verizon Foundation within 35 days of receiving a letter requesting confirmation upon the completion of the event.
• All 2013 teams/team members must be registered online by Dec. 31, 2013.
• Teams /events may be randomly reviewed for program compliance.
• Verizon matching funds cannot be used to subsidize the prerequisite pledge amount required by the organization (e.g. Avon Walk for Breast Cancer’s minimum $1,800 donation pledge).
• The Verizon Foundation/Verizon Foundation Customer Service Center is not permitted to register an employee as a team member or input employee’s fundraising total on behalf of an employee.
• Employees are not permitted to register other employees as a team participant, nor are they permitted to register the fundraising activity of another employee.
• Employees are not permitted to confirm/verify their own Team gift transactions on behalf of a nonprofit organization.
• Employees are not permitted to confirm/verify Team gift transactions made by another Verizon employee on behalf of a nonprofit organization.
• Employees' family members* or someone with whom they share are close personal relationship** are not permitted to verify/confirm the employees' Team donations on behalf of a nonprofit organization.
• Employees are not permitted to request a Team grant on behalf of organizations where they or a family member* or someone with whom they share a close personal relationship** receives any direct or indirect commercial or financial benefit as a result of their donations to those organizations – including but not limited to memberships, dues, tuition and tickets.
• The Verizon Foundation will not consider a Team grant to be eligible for payout if there is any discrepancy between the fundraising dollar amount entered by an individual or team member and the fundraising dollar amount verified/confirmed by the nonprofit.
• Team funds from the Verizon Foundation may not be used to fulfill membership dues, reach donation thresholds that provide any personal benefit or gain, satisfy a personal pledge or the like.
• When registering for a Team grant, the employee must disclose and provide explanation if they, a family member or someone with whom they share a close personal relationship with is a paid employee, serves in a management capacity, or is a founder or agent of the nonprofit organization for which they are seeking Verizon funds.
• Funds raised via the Team program are not eligible for matching via the Matching Gifts Program.
• Employees participating in a Team program pledge-a-thon event cannot register the hours they spent organizing the event and collecting pledges through the Volunteer Program

*Family Member includes members of the employee's immediate and extended family. (Immediate and extended family includes, but is not limited to, one's spouse, domestic partner, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, in-laws, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews or any similar half or step-relationship.)

**Close Personal Relationship refers to anyone in your family or household, someone with whom you have, or had, a romantic relationship or other close personal relationship.

Please be sure to read and comply with all program rules.

Only those applications that adhere to the program rules will be considered for approval and payout.  All employee matching gift requests are subject to review by Verizon Internal Audit and Verizon Security.

As stated in the Code of Conduct, Verizon does not tolerate falsification or improper alteration of records.  Failure to comply with any provision of the Code or company policy is a serious violation and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Eligibility, terms and conditions of the program are subject to change as determined by the Verizon Foundation.  If you have any questions regarding these terms and how they apply to you or your donation please email us at or within the US call us at 866-247-2687 and we will be happy to review them with you.

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